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2009 New Series
Rubber seals / wiring board / Check
Mechanical seal / bearing / capacitor / protection / cable
Copper, aluminum, iron, plastic impeller / plastic guide vane
Plastic impeller / guide vane floating pump / Pump Accessories
Copper, iron, plastic outlet / water fittings, hose clamps
Cu、 Al 、 Fe 、 plastic bottom valve
Air screws/ copper 3 、 4、 5-pressure switch
Capacitance Bangdai/ cable clips net enclosures/ handles
Pump plastic junction box
Of the electrical wiring, the wiring board
Wind enclosures/ blower fans
Capacitance carcasses/standard parts/ centrifugal switch / controller switch
Wiring Accessories
Washing machine/vibrator accessories
Various Barrel、 Accessories
Pumps/ motors/ air compressor series of mechanical and electrical products
title:Drill/vibrator handle swith  
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